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CollectorPlugin Class Reference

#include <CollectorPlugin.h>

Inherited by ExampleCollectorPlugin.

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Detailed Description

All Collector plugins must subclass CollectorPlugin. A Collector plugin can receive notification of UPDATE_ and INVALIDATE_ commands received by the Collector.

The plugin should have a statically initialized instance of itself, which results in CollectorPlugin's constructor being called and the plugin being registered. See ExampleCollectorPlugin.C for an example.

Plugins should be compiled within the source of the Condor version with which they wish to be loaded and with the -shared option, e.g. compile ExampleCollectorPlugin.C with: $ make ExampleCollectorPlugin-plugin.so (in Imakefile) -plugin.so: %.C: -shared $< -o $@

Definition at line 43 of file CollectorPlugin.h.

Public Member Functions

 CollectorPlugin ()
virtual void initialize ()=0
virtual void invalidate (int command, const ClassAd &)=0
virtual void shutdown ()=0
virtual void update (int command, const ClassAd &)=0

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