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Directory::Directory ( const char *  dirpath,
priv_state  priv = PRIV_UNKNOWN 

Constructor. Upon instantiation, the user should call Next() to fetch information on the first file. If a priv_state is specified, this priv_state will be used whenever accessing the filesystem.

dirpath The full path to the subdirectory to operate upon
priv The priv_state used when accessing the filesystem. If set to PRIV_UNKNOWN, then the class will use whatever priv_state is currently in effect. If set to PRIV_ROOT, note all operations will be tried as both PRIV_ROOT and as PRIV_CONDOR, just in case the files are being accessed over NFS (where root gets mapped to nobody).
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Definition at line 60 of file directory.cpp.

      initialize( priv );

      curr_dir = strnewp(name);

#ifndef WIN32
      owner_ids_inited = false;
      if( priv == PRIV_FILE_OWNER ) {
            EXCEPT( "Internal error: "
                       "Directory instantiated with PRIV_FILE_OWNER" );

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