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bool Directory::Recursive_Chown ( uid_t  src_uid,
uid_t  dst_uid,
gid_t  dst_gid,
bool  non_root_okay = true 

Recursively change ownership of this directory and kids

Implemented in terms of recursive_chown, see that for most up to date details.

See also:
Changes ownership of path to the UID dst_uid, and GID dst_gid from the UID src_uid. The directory and all files and directories within it are changed. If a file is encountered that is not owned by src_uid or dst_uid, it is considered an error.

On an error, a message is reported to dprintf(D_ALWAYS) and false is returned. Otherwise true is returned.

src_uid UID who is allowed to already own the file
dst_uid UID to change the file's ownership to. (Will silently skip a file already downed by this user)
dst_gid GID to change the file's ownership to.
non_root_okay Should we silently skip chown attempt and report success if this process isn't root? chown only works if this process has root permissions. If this process isn't root and non_root_okay is true (the default), this function will silently return true. If this process isn't root and non_root_okay is false, this function will fail.

Definition at line 208 of file directory.cpp.

References GetDirectoryPath().

      return recursive_chown(GetDirectoryPath(),
            src_uid, dst_uid, dst_gid, non_root_okay);

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