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Profile Class Reference

#include <profile.h>

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Detailed Description

A BoolExpr in Profile Form, which is a conjunction of Conditions. Currently the only way to initialize a Profile is with the ExprToProfile method in the BoolExpr class.
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Definition at line 32 of file profile.h.

Public Member Functions

bool AddCondition (Condition &)
bool EvalInContext (classad::MatchClassAd &mad, classad::ClassAd *context, BoolValue &result)
classad::ExprTree * GetExpr ()
bool GetNumberOfConditions (int &result)
bool NextCondition (Condition *&result)
Profileoperator= (const Profile &copy)
 Profile ()
bool RemoveAllConditions ()
bool RemoveCondition (Condition &)
bool Rewind ()
bool ToString (string &buffer)
 ~Profile ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool ExprToCondition (classad::ExprTree *expr, Condition *&p)
static bool ExprToMultiProfile (classad::ExprTree *expr, MultiProfile *&mp)
static bool ExprToProfile (classad::ExprTree *expr, Profile *&p)
static bool ValToMultiProfile (classad::Value &val, MultiProfile *&mp)

Public Attributes

ProfileExplain explain

Protected Member Functions

bool Init (classad::ExprTree *)

Protected Attributes

bool initialized
classad::ExprTree * myTree

Private Member Functions

bool AppendCondition (Condition *)

Private Attributes

List< Conditionconditions


class BoolExpr

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