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 * Copyright (C) 1990-2007, Condor Team, Computer Sciences Department,
 * University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI.
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you
 * may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  You may
 * obtain a copy of the License at
 *    http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.


#include "condor_common.h"
#include "condor_daemon_core.h"
#include "MyString.h"
#include "HashTable.h"
#ifdef WIN32
#include "perm.h"
#include "condor_uid.h"
#include "condor_ver_info.h"
#include "condor_classad.h"
#include "dc_transfer_queue.h"

class FileTransfer;     // forward declatation

struct CatalogEntry {
      time_t            modification_time;
      filesize_t  filesize;

      // if support for hashes is added, it requires memory management of the
      // data pointed to.  (hash table iterator copies Values, so you'll need a
      // copy operator that does a deep copy, or use a large enough static array)
      //void            *hash;
      //void            hash[SIZE_OF_HASH];
      // likewise if you add signatures and all that PKI jazz.
      // ZKM

typedef HashTable <MyString, FileTransfer *> TranskeyHashTable;
typedef HashTable <int, FileTransfer *> TransThreadHashTable;
typedef HashTable <MyString, CatalogEntry *> FileCatalogHashTable;

typedef int       (Service::*FileTransferHandler)(FileTransfer *);

class FileTransfer {




      /** Initialize the object.  Must be called before any other methods.
            @param Ad ClassAd containing all attributes needed by the object,
            such as the list of files to transfer.  If this ad does not contain
            a transfer key, then one is generated and this object is considered
            to be a server.  If a transfer key exists in the ad, this object is
            considered to be a client.
            The FileTransfer Object will look up the following attributes
            from the ClassAd passed in via parameter 1:
            @param check_file_perms If true, before reading or writing to any file,
            a check is perfomed to see if the ATTR_OWNER attribute defined in the
            ClassAd has the neccesary read/write permission.
            @return 1 on success, 0 on failure */
      int Init( ClassAd *Ad, bool check_file_perms = false, 
                    priv_state priv = PRIV_UNKNOWN,
                    bool use_file_catalog = true);

      int SimpleInit(ClassAd *Ad, bool want_check_perms, bool is_server, 
                                     ReliSock *sock_to_use = NULL, 
                                     priv_state priv = PRIV_UNKNOWN,
                                     bool use_file_catalog = true);

      /** @param Ad contains filename remaps for downloaded files.
                   If NULL, turns off remaps.
            @return 1 on success, 0 on failure */
      int InitDownloadFilenameRemaps(ClassAd *Ad);

      /** @param session_id NULL (if should auto-negotiate) or
                   security session id to use for outgoing file transfer
                   commands */
      void setSecuritySession(char const *session_id);

      /** @return 1 on success, 0 on failure */
      int DownloadFiles(bool blocking=true);

      /** @return 1 on success, 0 on failure */
      int UploadFiles(bool blocking=true, bool final_transfer=true);

            /** For non-blocking (i.e., multithreaded) transfers, the registered
                  handler function will be called on each transfer completion.  The
                  handler can call FileTransfer::GetInfo() for statistics on the
                  last transfer.  It is safe for the handler to deallocate the
                  FileTransfer object.
      void RegisterCallback(FileTransferHandler handler, Service* handlerclass)
                  ClientCallback = handler; 
                  ClientCallbackClass = handlerclass;

      enum TransferType { NoType, DownloadFilesType, UploadFilesType };

      struct FileTransferInfo {
            FileTransferInfo() : bytes(0), duration(0), type(NoType),
                success(true), in_progress(false), try_again(true), hold_code(0),
                hold_subcode(0) {}
            filesize_t bytes;
            time_t duration;
            TransferType type;
            bool success;
            bool in_progress;
            bool try_again;
            int hold_code;
            int hold_subcode;
            MyString error_desc;

      FileTransferInfo GetInfo() { return Info; }

      inline bool IsServer() {return user_supplied_key == FALSE;}

      inline bool IsClient() {return user_supplied_key == TRUE;}

      static int HandleCommands(Service *,int command,Stream *s);

      static int Reaper(Service *, int pid, int exit_status);

      int Suspend();

      int Continue();

      float TotalBytesSent() { return bytesSent; }

      float TotalBytesReceived() { return bytesRcvd; };

      void RemoveInputFiles(const char *sandbox_path = NULL);

            /** Add the given filename to our list of output files to
                  transfer back.  If we're not managing a list of output
                  files, we return failure.  If we already have this file,
                  we immediately return success.  Otherwise, we append the
                  given filename to our list and return success.
                  @param filename Name of file to add to our list
                  @return false if we don't have a list, else true
      bool addOutputFile( const char* filename );

            /** Allows the client side of the filetransfer object to 
                  point to a different server.
                  @param transkey Value of ATTR_TRANSFER_KEY set by server
                  @param transsock Value of ATTR_TRANSFER_SOCKET set by server
                  @return true on success, false on failure
      bool changeServer( const char* transkey, const char* transsock );

            /** Specify the socket timeout to use on the client (starter)
                  side of the FileTransfer.  Defaults to 30 seconds if
                  @param timeout Specified in seconds, a value of 0 means disable
                  @return Previous timeout value
      int   setClientSocketTimeout(int timeout);

      void setTransferFilePermissions( bool value )
            { TransferFilePermissions = value; }

      void setPeerVersion( const char *peer_version );
      void setPeerVersion( const CondorVersionInfo &peer_version );

      priv_state getDesiredPrivState( void ) { return desired_priv_state; };

      void setTransferQueueContactInfo(char const *contact);


      int Download(ReliSock *s, bool blocking);
      int Upload(ReliSock *s, bool blocking);
      static int DownloadThread(void *arg, Stream *s);
      static int UploadThread(void *arg, Stream *s);

            /** Actually download the files.
                  @return -1 on failure, bytes transferred otherwise
      int DoDownload( filesize_t *total_bytes, ReliSock *s);
      int DoUpload( filesize_t *total_bytes, ReliSock *s);

      void CommitFiles();
      void ComputeFilesToSend();
      float bytesSent, bytesRcvd;
      StringList* InputFiles;

      // When downloading files, store files matching source_name as the name
      // specified by target_name.
      void AddDownloadFilenameRemap(char const *source_name,char const *target_name);

      // Add any number of download remaps, encoded in the form:
      // "source1 = target1; source2 = target2; ..."
      // or in other words, the format expected by the util function
      // filename_remap_find().
      void AddDownloadFilenameRemaps(char const *remaps);


      bool TransferFilePermissions;
      bool DelegateX509Credentials;
      bool PeerDoesTransferAck;
      bool PeerDoesGoAhead;
      char* Iwd;
      StringList* OutputFiles;
      StringList* EncryptInputFiles;
      StringList* EncryptOutputFiles;
      StringList* DontEncryptInputFiles;
      StringList* DontEncryptOutputFiles;
      StringList* IntermediateFiles;
      StringList* FilesToSend;
      StringList* EncryptFiles;
      StringList* DontEncryptFiles;
      char* SpooledIntermediateFiles;
      char* ExecFile;
      char* UserLogFile;
      char* X509UserProxy;
      char* TransSock;
      char* TransKey;
      char* SpoolSpace;
      char* TmpSpoolSpace;
      int user_supplied_key;
      bool upload_changed_files;
      int m_final_transfer_flag;
      time_t last_download_time;
      FileCatalogHashTable* last_download_catalog;
      int ActiveTransferTid;
      time_t TransferStart;
      int TransferPipe[2];
      FileTransferHandler ClientCallback;
      Service* ClientCallbackClass;
      FileTransferInfo Info;
#ifdef WIN32
      perm* perm_obj;
    priv_state desired_priv_state;
      bool want_priv_change;
      static TranskeyHashTable* TranskeyTable;
      static TransThreadHashTable* TransThreadTable;
      static int CommandsRegistered;
      static int SequenceNum;
      static int ReaperId;
      int clientSockTimeout;
      bool did_init;
      bool simple_init;
      ReliSock *simple_sock;
      MyString download_filename_remaps;
      bool m_use_file_catalog;
      TransferQueueContactInfo m_xfer_queue_contact_info;
      MyString m_jobid; // what job we are working on, for informational purposes
      char *m_sec_session_id;

      // called to construct the catalog of files in a direcotry
      bool BuildFileCatalog(time_t spool_time = 0, const char* iwd = NULL, FileCatalogHashTable **catalog = NULL);

      // called to lookup the catalog entry of file
      bool LookupInFileCatalog(const char *fname, time_t *mod_time, filesize_t *filesize);

      // Called internally by DoUpload() in order to handle common wrapup tasks.
      int ExitDoUpload(filesize_t *total_bytes, ReliSock *s, priv_state saved_priv, bool socket_default_crypto, bool upload_success, bool do_upload_ack, bool do_download_ack, bool try_again, int hold_code, int hold_subcode, char const *upload_error_desc,int DoUpload_exit_line);

      // Send acknowledgment of success/failure after downloading files.
      void SendTransferAck(Stream *s,bool success,bool try_again,int hold_code,int hold_subcode,char const *hold_reason);

      // Receive acknowledgment of success/failure after downloading files.
      void GetTransferAck(Stream *s,bool &success,bool &try_again,int &hold_code,int &hold_subcode,MyString &error_desc);

      // Stash transfer success/failure info that will be propagated back to
      // caller of file transfer operation, using GetInfo().
      void SaveTransferInfo(bool success,bool try_again,int hold_code,int hold_subcode,char const *hold_reason);

      // Receive message indicating that the peer is ready to receive the file
      // and save failure information with SaveTransferInfo().
      bool ReceiveTransferGoAhead(Stream *s,char const *fname,bool downloading,bool &go_ahead_always);

      // Receive message indicating that the peer is ready to receive the file.
      bool DoReceiveTransferGoAhead(Stream *s,char const *fname,bool downloading,bool &go_ahead_always,bool &try_again,int &hold_code,int &hold_subcode,MyString &error_desc, int alive_interval);

      // Obtain permission to receive a file download and then tell our
      // peer to go ahead and send it.
      // Save failure information with SaveTransferInfo().
      bool ObtainAndSendTransferGoAhead(DCTransferQueue &xfer_queue,bool downloading,Stream *s,char const *full_fname,bool &go_ahead_always);

      bool DoObtainAndSendTransferGoAhead(DCTransferQueue &xfer_queue,bool downloading,Stream *s,char const *full_fname,bool &go_ahead_always,bool &try_again,int &hold_code,int &hold_subcode,MyString &error_desc);

      // Report information about completed transfer from child thread.
      bool WriteStatusToTransferPipe(filesize_t total_bytes);
      ClassAd jobAd;


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