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 * Copyright (C) 1990-2007, Condor Team, Computer Sciences Department,
 * University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI.
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you
 * may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  You may
 * obtain a copy of the License at
 *    http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.


// This class allows reading more than one user log file, as if they
// were merged into one big log file, sorted by event time.  It returns
// ULogEvent objects just like the ReadUserLog class.  It tries to 
// return the events sorted by time, but cannot distinguish between 
// events in different files that occurred in the same second. 

#include "condor_common.h"
#include "read_user_log.h"
#include "MyString.h"
#include "string_list.h"
#include "HashTable.h"
#include "condor_id.h"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>

class MultiLogFiles
          /** Gets the userlog files used by a dag
                on success, the return value will be ""
                on failure, it will be an appropriate error message
    static MyString getJobLogsFromSubmitFiles(const MyString &strDagFileName,
                  const MyString &jobKeyword, const MyString &dirKeyword,
                  StringList &listLogFilenames);

            /** Gets values from a file, where the file contains lines of
                  the form
                        <keyword> <value>
                  with arbitrary whitespace between the two tokens.
                  @param fileName: the name of the file to parse
                  @param keyword: the keyword string
                  @param values: the list of values found
                  @param skipTokens: number of tokens to skip between keyword
                        and value
                  @return "" if okay, an error message otherwise
      static MyString getValuesFromFile(const MyString &fileName,
                  const MyString &keyword, StringList &values, int skipTokens = 0);

          /** Gets the log file from a Condor submit file.
                on success, the return value will be the log file name
                on failure, it will be ""
    static MyString loadLogFileNameFromSubFile(const MyString &strSubFilename,
                  const MyString &directory);

          /** Gets the log files from a Stork submit file.
             * @param The submit file line.
             * @param The directory containing the submit file.
             * @param Output string list of log file names.
             * @return "" if okay, or else an error message.
    static MyString loadLogFileNamesFromStorkSubFile(
            const MyString &strSubFilename,
            const MyString &directory,
            StringList &listLogFilenames);

            /** Gets the number of job procs queued by a submit file
                  @param The submit file name
                  @param The submit file directory
                  @param A MyString to receive any error message
                  @return -1 if an error, otherwise the number of job procs
                        queued by the submit file
      static int getQueueCountFromSubmitFile(const MyString &strSubFilename,
                  const MyString &directory, MyString &errorMsg);

          /** Truncates the given log files to zero length (as opposed to
                  deleting them, which breaks things if the log file is a link).
      static void TruncateLogs(StringList &logFileNames);

            /** Determines whether the given set of log files have any
                  members that are on NFS.
                  @param The list of log files
                  @param Whether having a log file on NFS is a fatal error (as
                        opposed to a warning)
                  @return true iff at least one log file is on NFS and nfsIsError
                        is true
      static bool logFilesOnNFS(StringList&, bool nfsIsError);

            /** Determines whether the given log file is on NFS.
                  @param The log file name
                  @param Whether having a log file on NFS is a fatal error (as
                        opposed to a warning)
                  @return true iff at least the log file is on NFS and nfsIsError
                        is true
      static bool logFileOnNFS(const char *fileName, bool nfsIsError);

            /** Reads in the specified file, breaks it into lines, and
                  combines the lines into "logical" lines (joins continued
                  @param The filename
                  @param The StringList to receive the logical lines
                  @return "" if okay, error message otherwise
      static MyString fileNameToLogicalLines(const MyString &filename,
                        StringList &logicalLines);

          /** Read the entire contents of the given file into a MyString.
             * @param The name of the file.
             * @return The contents of the file.
    static MyString readFileToString(const MyString &strFilename);

             * Get the given parameter if it is defined in the given submit file
             * line.
             * @param The submit file line.
             * @param The name of the parameter to get.
             * @return The parameter value defined in that line, or "" if the
             *   parameter is not defined.
      static MyString getParamFromSubmitLine(MyString &submitLine,
                  const char *paramName);

             * Combine input ("physical") lines that end with the given
             * continuation character into "logical" lines.
             * @param Input string list of "physical" lines.
             * @param Continuation character.
             * @param Filename (for error messages).
             * @param Output string list of "logical" lines.
             * @return "" if okay, or else an error message.
      static MyString CombineLines(StringList &listIn, char continuation,
                  const MyString &filename, StringList &listOut);

             * Skip whitespace in a std::string buffer.  This is a helper function
             * for loadLogFileNamesFromStorkSubFile().  When the new ClassAds
             * parser can skip whitespace on it's own, this function can be
             * removed.
             * @param buffer name
             * @param input/output offset into buffer
             * @return void
      static void skip_whitespace(std::string const &s,int &offset);

             * Read a file into a std::string helper function for
             * loadLogFileNamesFromStorkSubFile().
             * @param Filename to read.
             * @param output buffer
             * @return "" if okay, or else an error message.
      static MyString readFile(char const *filename,std::string& buf);


class ReadMultipleUserLogs
      explicit ReadMultipleUserLogs(StringList &listLogFileNames);


          /** Sets the list of log files to monitor; throws away any
                previous list of files to monitor.
    bool initialize(StringList &listLogFileNames);

      /** Returns the "next" event from any log file.  The event pointer 
            is set to point to a newly instatiated ULogEvent object.
    ULogEventOutcome readEvent (ULogEvent * & event);

          /** Returns true iff any of the logs we're monitoring grew since
                the last time this method was called.
      bool detectLogGrowth();

            /** Returns the number of user logs that have been successfully
      int getInitializedLogCount() const;

      friend class CheckEvents;

      static unsigned int hashFuncJobID(const CondorID &key);

      void cleanup();

      struct LogFileEntry
            bool        isInitialized;
            bool        isValid;
            bool        haveReadEvent;
            MyString    strFilename;
            ReadUserLog readUserLog;
            ULogEvent * pLastLogEvent;
            off_t       logSize;

      int                     iLogFileCount;
      LogFileEntry *    pLogFileEntries;

            // Note: this table has one entry per log file, not one per
            // Condor ID.
      HashTable<CondorID, LogFileEntry *> logHash;

      // For instantiation in programs that use this class.
#define MULTI_LOG_HASH_INSTANCE template class \
            HashTable<CondorID, \
            ReadMultipleUserLogs::LogFileEntry *>

          /** Goes through the list of logs and tries to initialize (open
                the file of) any that aren't initialized yet.
                  Returns true iff it successfully initialized *any* previously-
                  uninitialized log.
      bool initializeUninitializedLogs();

            /** Returns true iff the given log grew since the last time
                we called this method on it.
      static bool LogGrew(LogFileEntry &log);

             * Read an event from a log, including checking whether this log
             * is actually a duplicate of another log.  Note that if this *is*
             * a duplicate log, the method will return ULOG_NO_EVENT, even
             * though an event was read.
             * @param The log to read from.
             * @return The outcome of trying to read an event.
      ULogEventOutcome readEventFromLog(LogFileEntry &log);

             * Determine whether a log object exists that is a logical duplicate
             * of the one given (in other words, points to the same log file).
             * We're checking this in case we have submit files that point to
             * the same log file with different paths -- if submit files have
             * the same path to the log file, we already recognize that it's
             * a single log.
             * @param The event we just read.
             * @param The log object from which we read that event.
             * @return True iff a duplicate log exists.
      bool DuplicateLogExists(ULogEvent *event, LogFileEntry *log);


      /** Returns true when any of the log files are
        determined to be on an NFS volume or it is indeterminable,
        and USER_LOGS_ON_NFS_IS_ERROR is true.


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