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CondorFile Class Reference

#include <condor_file.h>

Inheritance diagram for CondorFile:

CondorFileAgent CondorFileBasic CondorFileBuffer CondorFileLocal CondorFileRemote CondorFileSpecial

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Detailed Description

CondorFile is a completely virtual class which defines that operations that a storage medium must implement. Actual methods for accessing a file (local, remote, ioserver, etc.) are built by extending CondorFile.

                          /     |    \                 \
                        /       |      \                \
                      /         V        \               \
        CondorFileBasic CondorFileAgent CondorFileBuffer CondorFileCompress
         |         |
         V         V
CondorFileRemote  CondorFileLocal
                 /                \
                /                  \
        CondorFileSpecial     CondorFileFD


The basic file operations - open, close, read, and write - are expected to be implemented for any sort of file, whether it be local, remote, or some exotic storage method such as SRB. These are implemented in a descendant of CondorFile. This allows FileTab->read() to translate into whatever code is appropriate for the file.

Exotic operations such as fstatfs() are only supported by the old method -- find the fd with _condor_file_table_map(), and attempt the syscall. If an exotic operation needs to do more than simply get the fd of the file in question, then the operation needs to be routed through CondorFileTable.

Definition at line 60 of file condor_file.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int close ()=0
virtual int fcntl (int cmd, int arg)=0
virtual int flush ()=0
virtual int fstat (struct stat *buf)=0
virtual int fsync ()=0
virtual int ftruncate (size_t length)=0
virtual int get_size ()=0
virtual int get_unmapped_fd ()=0
virtual char const * get_url ()=0
virtual int ioctl (int cmd, long arg)=0
virtual int is_file_local ()=0
virtual int is_readable ()=0
virtual int is_seekable ()=0
virtual int is_writeable ()=0
virtual int open (const char *url, int flags, int mode)=0
virtual int read (int offset, char *data, int length)=0
virtual int write (int offset, char *data, int length)=0

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