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JobHeldEvent Class Reference

#include <condor_event.h>

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Detailed Description

Framework for a JobHeld event object. Occurs if the job goes on hold.

Definition at line 1267 of file condor_event.h.

Public Member Functions

const char * eventName (void) const
int getEvent (FILE *file)
const char * getReason (void) const
int getReasonCode (void) const
int getReasonSubCode (void) const
virtual void initFromClassAd (ClassAd *ad)
int putEvent (FILE *file)
virtual int readEvent (FILE *)
void setGlobalJobId (const char *gjid)
void setReason (const char *)
 makes a copy of the string in our "reason" member
void setReasonCode (const int)
void setReasonSubCode (const int)
virtual ClassAdtoClassAd (void)
virtual int writeEvent (FILE *)

Public Attributes

int cluster
 The cluster field of the Condor ID for this event.
time_t eventclock
ULogEventNumber eventNumber
 The event last read, or to be written.
struct tm eventTime
 The time this event occurred.
int proc
 The proc field of the Condor ID for this event.
char * scheddname
 Added by Ameet.
int subproc
 The subproc field of the Condor ID for this event.

Protected Member Functions

void insertCommonIdentifiers (ClassAd *adToFill)
 the global job id for the job associated with this event
int readHeader (FILE *file)
int readRusage (FILE *file, rusage &usage)
char * rusageToStr (rusage usage)
int strToRusage (char *rusageStr, rusage &usage)
int writeHeader (FILE *file)
int writeRusage (FILE *, rusage &)

Protected Attributes

const char * m_gjid

Private Attributes

int code
char * reason
 why the job was held
int subcode

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