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 * Copyright (C) 1990-2007, Condor Team, Computer Sciences Department,
 * University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI.
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you
 * may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  You may
 * obtain a copy of the License at
 *    http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.


#include "condor_common.h"
#include "sqlquery.h"
#include "jobqueuedatabase.h"
#include "quill_enums.h"
#include "occi.h"
#include "MyString.h"


using oracle::occi::Environment;
using oracle::occi::Connection;
using oracle::occi::Statement;
using oracle::occi::ResultSet;
using oracle::occi::SQLException;
using oracle::occi::MetaData;
using oracle::occi::Clob;

//! ORACLEDataabse: Job Queue Database for Oracle
00043 class ORACLEDatabase : public JobQueueDatabase
      ORACLEDatabase(const char *connect);

            // connection method
      QuillErrCode         connectDB();
      QuillErrCode             disconnectDB();
    QuillErrCode         checkConnection();
      QuillErrCode         resetConnection();

            // transaction methods
      QuillErrCode             beginTransaction();
      QuillErrCode             commitTransaction();
      QuillErrCode             rollbackTransaction();

            // update methods
      QuillErrCode             execCommand(const char* sql, 
                                                       int &num_result);
      QuillErrCode             execCommand(const char* sql);
      QuillErrCode             execCommandWithBind(const char* sql,
                                                                   int bnd_cnt,
                                                                   const char** val_arr,
                                                                   QuillAttrDataType *typ_arr);

            // query methods
      QuillErrCode             execQuery(const char* sql);
      QuillErrCode             execQuery(const char* sql,
                                                   ResultSet*& result,
                                                   Statement *& stmt,
                                                   int &num_result);
      QuillErrCode         execQuery(const char* sql,
                                                   int &num_result);    
      QuillErrCode             execQueryWithBind(const char* sql,
                                                               int bnd_cnt,
                                                               const char **val_arr,
                                                               QuillAttrDataType *typ_arr,
                                                               int &num_result);

      QuillErrCode         releaseQueryResult();

      const char*          getHistoryHorFieldName(int col);
      int            getHistoryHorNumFields();
      QuillErrCode             releaseHistoryResults();           

             // cursor declaration and reclamation routines
    QuillErrCode         openCursorsHistory(SQLQuery *,
                                            SQLQuery *,

    QuillErrCode         closeCursorsHistory(SQLQuery *,
                                             SQLQuery *,

      QuillErrCode         releaseJobQueueResults();

      QuillErrCode             getJobQueueDB(int *, int, int *, int, bool fullscan, 
                                                         const char *scheddName,
                                                         int& procAdsHorRes_num,  
                                                         int& procAdsVerRes_num, 
                                                         int& clusterAdsHorRes_num, 
                                                         int& clusterAdsVerRes_num);

      const char*              getJobQueueProcHorFieldName(int col);
      int                getJobQueueProcHorNumFields();

      const char*              getJobQueueClusterHorFieldName(int col);
      int                getJobQueueClusterHorNumFields();

            // The values returned by the following methods must be copied out
            // before a subsequent call to any of the following methods. This
            // is because the returned value points to the same area of buffer
            // that's shared for all of them.
      const char*          getJobQueueProcAds_HorValue(int row, int col);
      const char*          getJobQueueProcAds_VerValue(int row, int col);
      const char*          getJobQueueClusterAds_HorValue(int row, int col);
      const char*          getJobQueueClusterAds_VerValue(int row, int col);

      QuillErrCode         getHistoryHorValue(SQLQuery *queryhor, int row, int col, const char **value);
      QuillErrCode         getHistoryVerValue(SQLQuery *queryver, int row, int col, const char **value);

            //QuillErrCode           fetchNext();
      const char*          getValue(int row, int col);
            //int                    getIntValue(int col);
      //! get a DBMS error message
      const char*              getDBError();

            // database connection parameters
      char *userName;
      char *password;
      char *connectString;

            // database processing variables
      Environment *env;
      Connection *conn;
      bool in_tranx;
      Statement *stmt;
      MyString cv;

      FILE *sqllog_fp;

      Statement *queryStmt;
      ResultSet *queryRes;
      int     queryResCursor;

            // only for history tables retrieval
      ResultSet  *historyHorRes;
      Statement  *historyHorStmt;
      int         historyHorResCursor;  
      ResultSet  *historyVerRes;
      Statement  *historyVerStmt;
      int         historyVerResCursor;

            // only for job queue tables retrieval
            //!< result for ProcAds_Horizontal table
00163       ResultSet  *procAdsHorRes;      
      Statement  *procAdsHorStmt;
      int         procAdsHorResCursor;

00167       ResultSet  *procAdsVerRes;      //!< result for ProcAds_Ver table
      Statement  *procAdsVerStmt;
      int         procAdsVerResCursor;

00171       ResultSet  *clusterAdsHorRes;//!< result for ClusterAds_Str table
      Statement  *clusterAdsHorStmt;
      int         clusterAdsHorResCursor;

00175       ResultSet  *clusterAdsVerRes;//!< result for ClusterAds_num table
      Statement  *clusterAdsVerStmt;
      int         clusterAdsVerResCursor;
      MyString    errorMsg;

#endif /* _PGSQLDATABSE_H_ */

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