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ClassAdAnalyzer Class Reference

#include <analysis.h>

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Detailed Description

The analyzer object.

Definition at line 40 of file analysis.h.

Public Member Functions

bool AnalyzeExprToBuffer (classad::ClassAd *mainAd, classad::ClassAd *contextAd, string &attr, string &buffer)
bool AnalyzeJobAttrsToBuffer (ClassAd *request, ClassAdList &offers, string &buffer)
bool AnalyzeJobReqToBuffer (ClassAd *request, ClassAdList &offers, string &buffer)
 ClassAdAnalyzer ()
 ~ClassAdAnalyzer ()

Private Member Functions

bool AddConstraint (ValueRange *&, Condition *)
bool AddDefaultConstraint (ValueRange *&vr)
bool AnalyzeAttributes (classad::ClassAd *, ResourceGroup &, ClassAdExplain &result)
bool AnalyzeJobAttrsToBuffer (classad::ClassAd *request, ResourceGroup &offers, string &buffer)
bool AnalyzeJobReqToBuffer (classad::ClassAd *request, ResourceGroup &offers, string &buffer)
bool BuildBoolTable (Profile *, ResourceGroup &, BoolTable &result)
bool BuildBoolTable (MultiProfile *, ResourceGroup &, BoolTable &result)
bool DefinedLiteralValue (classad::Value &)
bool EqualsIgnoreCase (const string &, const string &)
bool FindConflicts (Profile *, ResourceGroup &)
bool FindConflicts (MultiProfile *, ResourceGroup &)
bool MakeResourceGroup (ClassAdList &, ResourceGroup &result)
bool PruneAtom (classad::ExprTree *, classad::ExprTree *&result)
bool PruneConjunction (classad::ExprTree *, classad::ExprTree *&result)
bool PruneDisjunction (classad::ExprTree *, classad::ExprTree *&result)
bool SuggestCondition (MultiProfile *, ResourceGroup &)
bool SuggestConditionModify (Profile *, ResourceGroup &)
bool SuggestConditionRemove (Profile *, ResourceGroup &)

Private Attributes

classad::MatchClassAd mad

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