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ClassAdLogEntry Class Reference

#include <classadlogentry.h>

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Detailed Description


this models each ClassAd Log Entry It includes data and a couple of accessors.

Definition at line 52 of file classadlogentry.h.

Public Member Functions

 ClassAdLogEntry ()
int equal (ClassAdLogEntry *caLogEntry)
 eqaul check operator
void init (int opType)
 initialize the variables
ClassAdLogEntryoperator= (const ClassAdLogEntry &)
 assigment operator
 ~ClassAdLogEntry ()

Public Attributes

char * key
char * mytype
char * name
long next_offset
 offset of the next entry
long offset
 offset of this entry
int op_type
 command type
char * targettype
char * value
 attribut value

Private Member Functions

int valcmp (char *str1, char *str2)

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