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ClassAdLogParser Class Reference

#include <classadlogparser.h>

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Detailed Description


Parser for ClassAd Log file It actually reads and parses ClassAd Log file (job_queue.log)

Definition at line 35 of file classadlogparser.h.

Public Member Functions

 ClassAdLogParser ()
FileOpErrCode closeFile (bool ex=false)
ClassAdLogEntrygetCurCALogEntry ()
 return the last ClassAd log entry
long getCurOffset ()
 get a current file offset
QuillErrCode getDeleteAttributeBody (char *&key, char *&name)
 get a current classad log entry data as a Delete Attribute command
QuillErrCode getDestroyClassAdBody (char *&key)
 get a current classad log entry data as a Destroy ClassAd command
int getFileDescriptor ()
 get the file handles
FILE * getFilePointer ()
char * getJobQueueName ()
 get a job queue file name
ClassAdLogEntrygetLastCALogEntry ()
 return the current ClassAd log entry
QuillErrCode getLogHistoricalSNBody (char *&seqnum, char *&timestamp)
 get the body of a historical sequence number command
QuillErrCode getNewClassAdBody (char *&key, char *&mytype, char *&targettype)
 get a current classad log entry data as a New ClassAd command
QuillErrCode getSetAttributeBody (char *&key, char *&name, char *&value)
 get a current classad log entry data as a Set Attribute command
FileOpErrCode openFile (bool ex=false)
FileOpErrCode readLogEntry (int &op_type, bool ex=false)
 read a classad log entry in the current offset of a file
void setCurOffset (long offset)
 set a current file offset
void setFileDescriptor (int fd)
 set the file handles
void setFilePointer (FILE *fp)
void setJobQueueName (const char *jqn)
 set a job queue file name
void setNextOffset (long offset=IMPOSSIBLE_OFFSET)
 set the next offset. IMPOSSIBLE_OFFSET is just a default value
 ~ClassAdLogParser ()

Private Member Functions

int readBeginTransactionBody (FILE *fp)
int readBeginTransactionBody (int fd)
int readDeleteAttributeBody (FILE *fp)
int readDeleteAttributeBody (int fd)
int readDestroyClassAdBody (FILE *fp)
int readDestroyClassAdBody (int fd)
int readEndTransactionBody (FILE *fp)
int readEndTransactionBody (int fd)
int readHeader (FILE *fp, int &op_type)
int readHeader (int fd, int &op_type)
int readline (int, char *&)
int readline (FILE *fp, char *&)
int readLogHistoricalSNBody (FILE *fp)
int readLogHistoricalSNBody (int fd)
int readNewClassAdBody (FILE *fp)
int readNewClassAdBody (int fd)
int readSetAttributeBody (FILE *fp)
int readSetAttributeBody (int fd)
int readword (int, char *&)
int readword (FILE *fp, char *&)

Private Attributes

ClassAdLogEntry curCALogEntry
 current ClassAd log entry
char job_queue_name [_POSIX_PATH_MAX]
 job queue log file path
ClassAdLogEntry lastCALogEntry
 last ClassAd log entry
int log_fd
FILE * log_fp
long nextOffset
 next offset

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