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QuillErrCode ClassAdLogParser::getSetAttributeBody ( char *&  key,
char *&  name,
char *&  value 

get a current classad log entry data as a Set Attribute command

each pointer must be freed by a calling funtion

Definition at line 393 of file classadlogparser.cpp.

References curCALogEntry, ClassAdLogEntry::key, ClassAdLogEntry::name, ClassAdLogEntry::op_type, and ClassAdLogEntry::value.

Referenced by JobQueueDBManager::processLogEntry().

      if (curCALogEntry.op_type != CondorLogOp_SetAttribute) {
            return QUILL_FAILURE;

      key = strdup(curCALogEntry.key);
      name = strdup(curCALogEntry.name);
      value = strdup(curCALogEntry.value);

      return QUILL_SUCCESS;

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