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CondorID Class Reference

#include <condor_id.h>

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Detailed Description

An object to represent the Condor ID of a job. Condor uses three integers (cluster, proc, subproc) to identify jobs. This structure will be used to store those three numbers. This object used to live in src/condor_dagman/types.[Ch]

Definition at line 34 of file condor_id.h.

Public Member Functions

int Compare (const CondorID condorID) const
 CondorID (int cluster, int proc, int subproc)
 Copy Constructor.
 CondorID ()
bool operator== (const CondorID &condorID) const
void Set (int cluster, int proc, int subproc)
int SetFromString (const char *s)

Static Public Member Functions

static int ServiceDataCompare (ServiceData *a, ServiceData *b)

Public Attributes

int _cluster
 The job cluster.
int _proc
 The job process number.
int _subproc
 The job subprocess number.

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