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CondorVersionInfo Class Reference

#include <condor_ver_info.h>

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Detailed Description

Class to interpret the Condor Version string. Every Condor binary contains a version string embedded into it at compile time. This class extracts that version string and can parse it. Furthermore, this class can be used to determine if different components of Condor are compatible with one another.

Definition at line 29 of file condor_ver_info.h.

Public Types

typedef struct

Public Member Functions

bool built_since_date (int month, int day, int year) const
bool built_since_version (int MajorVer, int MinorVer, int SubMinorVer) const
int compare_build_dates (const char *other_version_string) const
int compare_versions (const char *other_version_string) const
 CondorVersionInfo (CondorVersionInfo const &)
 CondorVersionInfo (const char *versionstring=NULL, const char *subsystem=NULL, const char *platformstring=NULL)
char * get_version_string () const
char * getArchVer () const
int getMajorVer () const
int getMinorVer () const
char * getOpSysVer () const
int getSubMinorVer () const
bool is_compatible (const char *other_version_string, const char *other_subsys=NULL) const
bool is_stable_series () const
bool is_valid (const char *VersionString=NULL) const
 ~CondorVersionInfo ()

Static Public Member Functions

static char * get_platform_from_file (const char *filename, char *platform=NULL, int maxlen=0)
static char * get_version_from_file (const char *filename, char *ver=NULL, int maxlen=0)

Private Member Functions

bool string_to_PlatformData (const char *, VersionData_t &) const
bool string_to_VersionData (const char *, VersionData_t &) const
char * VersionData_to_string (VersionData_t const &ver) const

Private Attributes

char * mysubsys
VersionData_t myversion


struct  VersionData

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