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char * DaemonCore::InfoCommandSinfulString ( int  pid = -1  ) 

Returns the Sinful String <host:port> of the DaemonCore command socket of this process as a default. If given a pid, it returns the sinful string of that pid.

pid The pid to ask about. -1 (Default) means the calling process
A pointer into a static buffer, or NULL on error

Definition at line 911 of file daemon_core.cpp.

References InfoCommandSinfulStringMyself().

Referenced by BaseShadow::baseInit(), Create_Thread(), JobQueueDBManager::createQuillAd(), ParallelShadow::getResources(), MPIShadow::getResources(), JICShadow::publishStarterInfo(), JICShadow::registerStarterInfo(), and JobInfoCommunicator::writeExecutionVisa().

      static char somepid_sinful_string[28];

      // if pid is -1, we want info on our own process, else we want info
      // on a process created with Create_Process().
      if ( pid == -1 ) {
            return InfoCommandSinfulStringMyself(false);
      } else {
            PidEntry *pidinfo = NULL;
            if ((pidTable->lookup(pid, pidinfo) < 0)) {
                  // we have no information on this pid
                  return NULL;
            if ( pidinfo->sinful_string[0] == '\0' ) {
                  // this pid is apparently not a daemon core process
                  return NULL;
                  sizeof(somepid_sinful_string) );
            somepid_sinful_string[sizeof(somepid_sinful_string)-1] = 0; // Stupid strncpy
            return somepid_sinful_string;

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