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int DaemonCore::Register_Socket ( Stream iosock,
const char *  iosock_descrip,
SocketHandler  handler,
const char *  handler_descrip,
Service s = NULL,
DCpermission  perm = ALLOW 


iosock Not_Yet_Documented
iosock_descrip Not_Yet_Documented
handler Not_Yet_Documented
handler_descrip Not_Yet_Documented
s Not_Yet_Documented
perm Not_Yet_Documented
-1 if iosock is NULL, -2 is reregister, 0 or above on success

Definition at line 703 of file daemon_core.cpp.

Referenced by RemoteResource::activateClaim(), Register_Command_Socket(), and Register_Socket().

      return( Register_Socket(iosock, iosock_descrip, handler,
                                          (SocketHandlercpp)NULL, handler_descrip, s,
                                          perm, FALSE) );

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