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bool DaemonCore::Send_Signal ( pid_t  pid,
int  sig 

Send a signal to daemonCore processes or non-DC process

pid The receiving process ID
sig The signal to send

Definition at line 4681 of file daemon_core.cpp.

Referenced by ScriptProc::Continue(), OsProc::Continue(), ToolDaemonProc::Hold(), ScriptProc::Hold(), OsProc::Hold(), ToolDaemonProc::Remove(), ScriptProc::Remove(), OsProc::Remove(), Send_Signal_nonblocking(), sendUpdates(), Shutdown_Graceful(), ScriptProc::ShutdownFast(), OsProc::ShutdownFast(), ToolDaemonProc::ShutdownGraceful(), ScriptProc::ShutdownGraceful(), OsProc::ShutdownGraceful(), ScriptProc::Suspend(), ParallelProc::Suspend(), OsProc::Suspend(), and MPIComradeProc::Suspend().

      classy_counted_ptr<DCSignalMsg> msg = new DCSignalMsg(pid,sig);
      Send_Signal(msg, false);

      // Since we ran with nonblocking=false, the success status is now available

      return msg->deliveryStatus() == DCMsg::DELIVERY_SUCCEEDED;

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