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bool DaemonCore::evalExpr ( ClassAd ad,
const char *  param_name,
const char *  attr_name,
const char *  message 
) [private]

Evaluate a DC-specific policy expression and return the result. Prints a message to the log if the expr evaluates to TRUE.

ad ClassAd to evaluate the expression in.
param_name Name of the config file parameter that defines the expression.
attr_name Name of the ClassAd attribute for this expression.
message Additional text to include in the log message when the expression evaluates to TRUE.
true if the expression exists and evaluates to TRUE, false otherwise.

Definition at line 9533 of file daemon_core.cpp.

Referenced by sendUpdates().

      bool value = false;
      char* expr = param(param_name);
      if (!expr) {
            expr = param(attr_name);
      if (expr) {
            if (!ad->AssignExpr(attr_name, expr)) {
                  dprintf( D_ALWAYS|D_FAILURE,
                               "ERROR: Failed to parse %s expression \"%s\"\n",
                               attr_name, expr );
                  return false;
            int result = 0;
            if (ad->EvalBool(attr_name, NULL, result) && result) {
                  dprintf( D_ALWAYS,
                               "The %s expression \"%s\" evaluated to TRUE: %s\n",
                               attr_name, expr, message );
                  value = true;
      return value;

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