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PidEnvID * DaemonCore::InfoEnvironmentID ( PidEnvID *  penvid,
int  pid = -1 

Returns a pointer to the penvid passed in if successful in determining the environment id for the pid, or NULL if unable to determine.

pid The pid to ask about. -1 (Default) means the calling process
penvid Address of a structure to be filled in with the environment id of the pid. Left in undefined state after function call.

Definition at line 1028 of file daemon_core.cpp.

      extern char **environ;

      if (penvid == NULL) {
            return NULL;

      /* just in case... */

      /* handle the base case of my own pid */
      if ( pid == -1 ) {

            if (pidenvid_filter_and_insert(penvid, environ) == 
                  EXCEPT( "DaemonCore::InfoEnvironmentID: Programmer error. "
                        "Tried to overstuff a PidEntryID array." );

      } else {

            // If someone else was asked for, give them the info for that pid.
            PidEntry *pidinfo = NULL;
            if ((pidTable->lookup(pid, pidinfo) < 0)) {
                  // we have no information on this pid
                  return NULL;

            // copy over the information to the passed in array
            pidenvid_copy(penvid, &pidinfo->penvid);

      return penvid;

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