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bool DaemonCore::Close_Stdin_Pipe ( int  pid  ) 

Close a given DC process's stdin pipe.

true if the given pid was found and had a DC-managed stdin pipe, false if not.
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Definition at line 1997 of file daemon_core.cpp.

References Close_Pipe().

      PidEntry *pidinfo = NULL;
      int rval;

      if ((pidTable->lookup(pid, pidinfo) < 0)) {
                  // we have no information on this pid
            return false;
      if (pidinfo->std_pipes[0] == DC_STD_FD_NOPIPE) {
                  // No pipe found.
            return false;

      rval = Close_Pipe(pidinfo->std_pipes[0]);
      if (rval) {
            pidinfo->std_pipes[0] = DC_STD_FD_NOPIPE;
      return (bool)rval;

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