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bool DaemonCore::CheckConfigSecurity ( const char *  config,
Sock sock 

Check the table of attributes we're willing to allow users at hosts of different permission levels to change to see if we should allow the given request to succeed.

config String containing the configuration request
sock The sock that we're handling this command with
true if we should allow this, false if not

Definition at line 9025 of file daemon_core.cpp.

      // we've got to check each textline of the string passed in by
      // config.  here we use the StringList class to split lines.

      StringList all_attrs (config, "\n");

      // start out by assuming everything is okay.  we'll check all
      // the attrs and set this flag if something is not authorized.
      bool  all_attrs_okay = true;

      char *single_attr;

      // short-circuit out of the while once any attribute is not
      // okay.  otherwise, get one value at a time
      while (all_attrs_okay && (single_attr = all_attrs.next())) {
            // check this individual attr
            if (!CheckConfigAttrSecurity(single_attr, sock)) {
                  all_attrs_okay = false;

      return all_attrs_okay;

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