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Directory Class Reference

#include <directory.h>

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Detailed Description

Class to iterate filenames in a subdirectory. Given a subdirectory path, this class can iterate the names of the files in the directory, remove files, and/or report file access/modify/create times. Also reports if the filename represents another subdirectory or not.

Note: This class does not recurse down into subdirectories except when calling the Remove_Current_File() or Remove_Entire_Directory() methods.

Definition at line 40 of file directory.h.

Public Member Functions

bool chmodDirectories (mode_t mode)
 Directory (StatInfo *info, priv_state priv=PRIV_UNKNOWN)
 Directory (const char *dirpath, priv_state priv=PRIV_UNKNOWN)
bool Find_Named_Entry (const char *name)
time_t GetAccessTime ()
time_t GetCreateTime ()
const char * GetDirectoryPath (void)
filesize_t GetDirectorySize ()
filesize_t GetFileSize ()
const char * GetFullPath ()
mode_t GetMode ()
time_t GetModifyTime ()
bool IsDirectory ()
bool IsSymlink ()
const char * Next ()
bool Recursive_Chown (const char *username, const char *domain)
bool Recursive_Chown (uid_t src_uid, uid_t dst_uid, gid_t dst_gid, bool non_root_okay=true)
bool Remove_Current_File (void)
bool Remove_Entire_Directory (void)
bool Remove_Entry (const char *name)
bool Remove_Full_Path (const char *path)
bool Rewind ()
 ~Directory ()

Private Member Functions

bool do_remove (const char *path, bool is_curr)
bool do_remove_dir (const char *path)
bool do_remove_file (const char *path)
void initialize (priv_state priv)
bool rmdirAttempt (const char *path, priv_state priv)
priv_state setOwnerPriv (const char *path)

Private Attributes

char * curr_dir
priv_state desired_priv_state
DIR * dirp
gid_t owner_gid
bool owner_ids_inited
uid_t owner_uid
bool want_priv_change

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